Brutálisan nő a Coinbase, 10 hónap alatt 5 millió új felhasználója lett

Bitcoin cme futures tradingview

Free letöltés Leírás TradingView is a social platform for traders and investors to improve investing skills to maximize profits. Get access to free charts, discuss trade ideas and strategies with more than 11, traders worldwide. Exceptional Charts Stunning charts that are free to use. They outperform many desktop trading platforms and work on any device.

Brutálisan nő a Coinbase, 10 hónap alatt 5 millió új felhasználója lett

A wide range of drawing tools Gann, Elliott Waves and technical indicators will help you analyze price action. Individual Watchlists Keep track of your favorite stocks and currency pairs. See real-time price updates and be the first to know about fast market moves. Thousands of traders discuss trades and latest events in our real-time public chats.

Meg a as jarvany közepette is, amikor a penzugyi agazatot az egesz vilag sujtotta es összeomlott, a kriptopenzek nemcsak fennmaradtakhanem jelentős növekedest is mutattak. Az elmult evben a kriptovalutak valoban jelentős szamu kereskedőt es befektetőt valtottak at a fiat penzből a kriptoba, ami tökeletesnek bizonyult es stabil alternativ befektetes.

Send instant messages to discuss ideas privately. Trust and transparency are the key ingredients of what makes this community great.

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Each user builds up a reputation based on the quality of content created. Multiple channels ensure secure and reliable data streaming. Someone replied to my review in just a couple days and showed me how to fix the problem. Great bitcoin cme futures tradingview tradingview!!!

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Why cant i post?? Seems like a glitch bc bitcoin cme futures tradingview was able to post before and after with no issues… please make this app a bit more easier to use. I dont like spending hours making a chart to get rep points only to lose everything after the apps issues….

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Also why do you need rep points just to join a chat? Seems like the chats and the app is also full of scamming so whats the point???

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The rest is fantastic. Appreciate TV reading feedback and acting on it. I want my list to always be sorted by symbol. I can sort at the moment.

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But if I add symbols the sort is not persistent. New symbols get added to the bottom of the list.

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Same when I drag symbols between groups. It adds a step to get to the chart that I customized. Terribly Bad Idea. Someone should not be doing app development. Good grief.

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Thank you 5 By PanthroTC Thank you for making things right by adding the setting to use chart preview or not. Back to perfection!

Amazing support! The app works great now.

F1-es rajongói tokenek jelentek meg a Chiliz segítségével

They work fine as they are. No updates needed. Love your app!

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Especially in version 2. Are you kidding me? Tradingview is literally all about Charts. There is already a tab for Charts that works fine.

Why would you add an extra step?

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Ever seen Online kereskedelem bitcoinnal. It has been the same for almost a decade. It is their business end.

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New update fixed all of the problems with previous update 5 Thanks for listening to customer feedback Good job 5 By Chadskie Newest update adds an option to turn off the stupid chart preview they added. At least tell people in the update it's there! App is back to being amazing now.

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