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    These are the first-ever instruments to be tradable over-the-weekend through Dukascopy platforms.

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    It also replaces the existing rule to close all crypto-pair positions before the weekend. This improvement and many others represent a decision of the bank to upgrade its JForex3 trading platform in favor of next generation - JForex4.

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    Dukascopy Bank closely monitors important developments in trading software and its updates by other technology providers. The release of MT5 as btc eth pair trading example, which followed the widely used MT4, was accompanied by inconvenience for market participants switching from MT4 to MT5. In spite of the benefits the new version may offer, not all traders are willing to spend their time to learn its new features.

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    Aware that a big switch to an updated trading platform can be complex and may not always be welcomed by the users, the Bank has decided to implement its new JForex4 platform in several steps.

    In addition, by using open-ended development, future client needs can also be addressed.

    In accordance with the adopted approach to prioritize seamless user experience, we propose evolution rather than revolution in design and functionality of our platform. The release of JForex4 is happening in small, yet significant steps.

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    After a first milestone with launch of the all-new Trader Cabinet, a redesigned reporting area tailored to all kind of devices, JForex4 has unveiled another of its features - 7 days a week trading. The update of JForex4 will also include an upgrade of full trading infrastructure: renewed VisualJforex — which will be adopted for tablets and smartphones, redesigned JStore — storage and marketplace for strategies and indicators integrated with payment facilities, improved mobile and desktop trading platforms.

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